Never ask the following  questions on a first date !!!

Many great guys have lost out on beautiful relationships due to the kind of questions they asked on a first date.
The dating game already can be hard sometimes, so why make it even harder with the kind of questions you throw out there maybe due to nervousness or ego.

Today, we will be giving you top 10 question never to ask a lady on a first date.

Duration of single status: no matter how nervous or cocky you might be, guys, you should Never ask a lady how long she has been single before finally meeting you. Asking her this question simply means you want to know if she has some spiritual, emotional or physical problems that has hindered her from being with a man this long. Some guys will even make it worse by asking, ‘SA fine girl like you, why are you still single” Huh, what exact answer do you think she will give you, of course, ‘I haven’t met the right guy that why’ and then you begin to count the minutes and make beats out of every clatter of cutlery at the restaurant you might’s be in. Save yourself the pain and embarrassment, steer clear from this question.
Family planning: This question comes up often from guys who are mostly just after the body or nerds who can’t believe their luck. You hear, I think I would love to have 3 kids, how about you? Or how many kids would you want to have? Sir, kindly lets keep my womb out of this first date discussion. You are yet to finish with the first date and already you have planned out a fantasy based 50 o 60 years you plan on spending together…weirdooooo

Date Counts: questions like, ‘So how many dates have you been on’. Who in the world would think this through and still decide on letting it fall out of their mouth on a first date? This sirt of question simply means, you look quite hot, am guessing you must have slept with a thousand men you went on dates with. And you want a second date,yet such question rolled off your lips without as much as little cough to even cause an obstruction. Have a nice life ahead Mister.

Is that really you on your profile picture: in a bid to show how angered they are due to what they might might term as deceit while on your own part its just good lightning and wonderful makeup shoot, they ask this really terrible question. Huh, no sir, its my twin sister, would you like to meet her now?

Weight watchers: So, her picture made you think she is quite slimmer than what you expected and being the kind of guy obsessed by slim girls, you do not know just how to quiet the raging slim girl in your head, you blurt out, ‘Have you ever thought of losing weight.? Her answer would definitely be, ‘No, sir, I don’t think it is necessary that’s why I eat just bananas and work my butt off at the gym?

What is the worst thing you have ever done: In other words, how many guys have you slept with? You want to call her names already o a first date? How lame is that?

Do you like me?: this one question according to 90-% of women, instantly makes them find their dates unattractive. When you ask a lady such question, she instantly wont see you as a confident man and that alone is a deal breaker. No need asking guys, just assume, after all, she came for the date??

Where would you like us to go?: You called her for the date and you had no plan in mind? No guys, ensure your first date is planned perfectly, no lady wants the extra burden of thinking of where to go on a first date. You asked her out,m surprise her……


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